If you’ve ever been to Crest Lincoln, you know we are the Sterling Heights Lincoln dealership that is 100 percent committed to great customer service. We couldn’t be more proud of our brand for the innovations and dedications to customer service, and we have some very exciting news on that front. A new service is coming soon for Lincoln leasing customers, first in California, then across the country.

According to Car Scoops, which had representatives attending the Los Angeles Auto Show recently, a new service for Lincoln customers was revealed at the event—month-to-month leasing. This service is expected to launch later this year in California, and it will offer clients a vehicle, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and complimentary vehicle pickup and delivery. You can consider it an all-inclusive long-term rental or short-term lease that will make the lives of our busy customers a whole lot easier.

Additionally, the Lincoln brand will be expanding the Lincoln Personal Driver service to Dallas after successful trials in Miami and San Diego. This service provides subscribers with a personal chauffeur that can fulfill other tasks, including fueling and washing the vehicle and even running errands. The Lincoln manufacturer will also be providing new owners with a complimentary CLEAR membership for easier airport travel.

If you’re looking to lease a vehicle, we will happily refer you to our Lincoln financial center here in Sterling Heights. We cannot wait to see what the future holds as these programs continue to grow and expand across the country. Be sure to stay tuned for more information from your local Lincoln dealership and come see us today for any of your automotive needs.