If you’ve been to our Sterling Heights Lincoln dealership, you know that we have a fierce dedication to helping our customers find the right car and aiding them in financing and servicing that vehicle for years to come. This attitude is something we have found that Lincoln dealers across the country share, and we would love to tell you more today about how the brand is incorporating real customer feedback into upcoming advancements.

According to Auto News, it’s simple—Lincoln car suppliers are guided by drivers. New technologies used in Lincoln vehicles have been tested not just for their efficiency, but for user friendliness, too. According to higher-ups in the company, it’s all about the customers’ experience rather than having technology just for the sake of having it.

“We say create the experience first, and then create the technology that delivers that experience,” Galhotra (Ford group vice president for Lincoln) told Automotive News. By really taking in the customers’ perspective before big redesigns, the Lincoln brand is ensuring each little detail comes together to provide a flawless daily commute for customers.

Using ethnographic research, the Lincoln franchise is using trained professionals to observe customers in real-world settings and see how they utilize the features in their vehicles. This is combined, of course, with routine research like online surveys and focus groups too. This allows planners and engineers to know exactly what they should change design-wise to improve the day-to-day life of our customers.

One model that has already benefited from this is the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, which features a redesigned heads-up display. Come by our lot near Clinton Township today to take a look at the many new Lincoln cars we have for sale, as well as to learn more about our brand’s dedication to our customers.