If you’re a dog or cat owner, odds are that you feel like your animal is just another member of the family. And at our Lincoln dealership near Clinton Township, we feel the same way. That’s why today we’d like to share some tips regarding traveling with pets and talk a little about a couple of our favorite models for transporting your furriest members of the family.

When it comes to transporting pets, safety is a top priority. You can rest assured your Lincoln vehicle will keep them safe, but it doesn’t hurt to take precautions with crates or harnesses if needed. With your pet securely seated in the backseat so you can focus on the road, you’re ready to have a good family trip.

Some essentials for taking pets on the road include food, water, a blanket, toys, and other comfort items to keep your pet calm and happy. They may even sleep for most of the trip if they’re comfortable enough. If it’s a long road trip, you’ll also want to make frequent stops for bathroom breaks and a little bit of exercise for your pet.

We have several suitable vehicle options for pet owners, including the spacious 2018 Lincoln Navigator. This model has the cargo room and the tech features that are perfect for family vacations. The 2018 Lincoln MKX is a great model for pets as well if you’re looking for something a bit smaller than the Lincoln Navigator, but with just as much versatility.

With the addition of some extra accessories like seat covers, all weather floor mats, and more, you’ll find Lincoln cars are great for pet owners of all kinds. We hope you and your entire family comes to see us so we can help you find that perfect fit today.