The Lincoln brand is, as always, on a mission to make life easier for those who choose to drive our vehicles. With a new concept being utilized by Lincoln dealers in California, you’ll find that sometimes this even means not convincing customers to buy a vehicle. Crazy, right? Isn’t that what car dealers do? Once you get the scoop on this new service, we think you’ll see the simple brilliance too.

Lincoln vehicles are great for business trips, important meetings, and other professional rendezvous. However, if you don’t want to deal with inconveniences such as finding daily/nightly parking, scheduling routine maintenance, or other ownership-related responsibilities, we have a solution for you.

The automaker will be expanding an existing subscription service for lightly used cars and allowing Los Angeles customers to pay a monthly fee in exchange for 24/7 access to a fleet of 2017 model year Lincoln vehicles. This covers insurance, maintenance, and even roadside assistance. It’s even less responsibility for customers than leasing a vehicle is!

According to, this pilot program, which launched in 2015, is likely just the start of an amazing service all customers may have access to in the future. Other luxury automakers are jumping in on this trend as well, so we have a feeling it’s going to stick.

Other services on the rise for Lincoln customers include “click-to-purchase” easy online car shopping, as well as complimentary loaner drop off and pick up and Lincoln Personal Driver services, which is currently already operating as a pilot in San Diego and Miami, and soon Dallas. To find our dealership and chit chat more about Lincoln news, search for “Lincoln dealers near Detroit“ and come by Crest Lincoln today.